Why do we care about t-shirts? (And t-shirt statistics?)

Because it makes you look good!

Initially the cape, then the tank top and finally the Deerstalker hat - as made famous my Sherlock Holmes - the most sartorially elegant and popular of clothes have always stood head and shoulders above the competition, blazing a trail through fashion and turning those who don them in to heroes amongst their brethren.

Clearly, at T Shirt Gifter, we've noticed that even these bold clothing leaders have been usurped and surpassed – by the mighty T Shirt. As the world leader in T Shirt information and advice, it is incumbent upon us to track these trends and give you, the T Shirt Gifter visitor an inside track on how you can keep up to date with the latest T Shirt news.

Very often, we're asked just how we stay so current in the ever changing world of T Shirts. The answer of course, is simple. Statistics. Our small team of data analysts and researchers constantly scan the internet, visit global libraries and tune in to Global T Shirt multimedia streams to produce a summary of any significant changes that occur, so that we can better assist the T Shirt evaluation of our valued visitors. From the summary produced for today, 10th July 2012, of the major trends in T Shirts and T Shirt Gifting, the following seemed the most important to relay.

It's possible that you too are here to learn more about T Shirts. It's an ever expanding field of research with not nearly enough visionary leaders and so, of you are, we applaud your endeavour. However, our core visitor requirement is for assistance in understanding current T Shirt needs, and for advice on what to do vis-a-vis T Shirt purchase. If this is your requirement, we humbly submit the following suggestions for you to consider alongside your own :

  1. If you do not have a favourite T-Shirt, you are in the bottom sociological decile. Our top selling T right now is this Little Star Wars Tee. Get ahead of the pack and learn more about this garment. You deserve the happiness and sense of kin that a favourite T Shirt can bring.
  2. If you do not own more than 10 T Shirts, you are tracking behind the majority. Click here < insert link to product listings page> to find our hero products and if you possibly can, stock up.
  3. If you are uncomfortable, in any way, socially, environmentally, internally – please – consider purchasing at least one T Shirt today. My current favourite T Shirt is this TISM Rabbit design. All the best psychological advice says you need to be comfortable in your own head.

Statistics are rational data points which we can use to inform our emotional decisions. The result is better choices which satisfy both the ying and the yang of our brains ( just like T Shirts do. ) At T Shirt Gifter, we hope this article has taken your understanding of this important landscape to the next level and that you feel more comfortable in buying a T.

If you have statistics about T Shirts or would like to learn more about them, why not drop us a line at hello@tshirtgifter.com. With a bright future of T Shirt wearing ahead of us all, sorting the wheat from the chaff through better understanding of T Shirt market movements can only be to the advantage of society as a whole.

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